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Undergraduate grantees, please find important materials for all aspects of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in the sections below. It is important to read all policies and instructions carefully, and complete any forms as appropriate. Please also be certain to submit the forms as indicated in the instructions. The process for completing and submitting each form is different.

Student Handbook

Undergraduate Grantee Handbook 2015-2016 (1.5 MB, PDF)

Academic Reporting

  1. Proof of Enrollment Student Service Portal Instructions (349 KB, PDF)—All BSMP grantees are required to request and submit Proof of Enrollment (POE) at the beginning of each academic term.
  2. Transcript Student Service Portal Instructions (526 KB, PDF)—All BSMP grantees are required to request and submit a transcript at the end of each academic term.


  1. BSMP Grant Policies (296 KB, PDF)—All BSMP grantees should periodically review the Grant policies. This document contains important information about what the BSMP scholarship covers.
  2. Bank Authorization (EFT) Form (202 KB, PDF)—For grantees who need to update their U.S. bank account information on file at IIE.
  3. W-9 Form (84 KB, PDF)—This form must be completed by vendors (e.g., universities, property management companies, student catering services) seeking payment for approved program expenses.
  4. Summer 2016 Policy Summary (278 KB, PDF)—All BSMP grantees should review the summer 2016 policy.
  5. Taxes Handout (242 KB, PDF)—IIE is not contracted to assist with taxes, but has created a handout with useful information.

Health Insurance

  1. Health Insurance Student Service Portal Instructions (400 KB, PDF)
  2. CISI Create Account Instructions (1.54 MB, PDF)
  3. CISI Policy Brochure (499 KB, PDF)

Visa Sponsorship

  1. Travel Validation Form (304 KB, PDF)—If you plan to travel outside the United States (including Canada and Mexico) during your program, this form must be completed and sent to IIE for approval.
  2. Form DS-2019 Reprint Request—If your DS-2019 was lost, stolen, or damaged, or you would like to request an updated version of your DS-2019 after Academic Training (AT) approval, please log in to your portal and upload a PDF shipping label to the document category “Form Reprint Request”. For more instructions on how to create a label, please see this helpful guide (300 KB, PDF).
  3. Undergraduate Employment Policy (137 KB, PDF)
  4. On-Campus Opportunity Form (268 KB, PDF)

Academic Training

  1. 2015-2016 AT Policy (340 KB, PDF)
  2. How to Receive Approval for AT Info Sheet (1.6 MB, PDF)
  3. Beginning of AT: AT Verification (666 KB, PDF)

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