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Summer 2015 Policies: Stipends, Eligibility, Guidelines

The Summer 2015 Policy Summary (264 KB, PDF) is now available. Students should review this document carefully as it will contain detailed information about how IIE will administer Summer 2015 stipends and expenditures.

Please note that all students are required to keep their bank information accurate and up to date with IIE. If your bank information changes, submit a new Bank Authorization (EFT) Form immediately. Stipends distributed to outdated/closed bank accounts cannot be retrieved directly by IIE and IIE cannot reissue these stipends. Do not share or submit duplicate bank information as this causes confusion with stipend disbursement.

Contacting IIE Regarding Financial Issues

If you have any questions regarding the grant polices or stipend information, please contact your IIE Student Relations Officer.

All BSMP Students are required to review the BSMP Financial Policies at the start of each term to ensure timely payment of stipends and invoices associated with student accounts.

Contacting IIE Regarding Financial Issues

All students in the intensive English program should contact for questions related to financial issues. When sending emails to IIE, always remember to include:
  • IIE ID Number
  • Full Name
  • Name of U.S. Host Institutions
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