Academic Program

IIE congratulates each grantee on his/her selection as a Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) scholarship recipient. 

Students approved for the Academic Program will arrive in the United States, and immediately begin full-time academic coursework at one of BSMP's many partner host institutions. 

There is a pre-academic Intensive English Program (IEP) for those students whose English communication needs additional development.

Read more about the IEP sessions

Maintaining Full-Time Status and Remaining in Good Standing

All grantees in the J-1 Exchange Visitor non-degree student category are required to be enrolled as full-time during the academic portion of their authorized program. When registering for classes, it is the grantees' responsibility to check with their academic advisor and/or international student advisor to review their course load and ensure that it meets this requirement, and any other academic requirements set by the host institution.

According to BSMP policy, all grantees are required to comply with the academic standards of their host institution at all times. Grantees will be subject to the penalties of their host institution for any violation of its academic policies. If grantees do not maintain full-time status or if they are dismissed from their host institution for any reason, including academic performance, they are effectively ending their BSMP scholarship and will need to return to Brazil immediately.

Academic Reporting Requirements

At the beginning of each academic term, students are required to submit a Proof of Enrollment to confirm their full-time status. At the end of each term, students are required to submit a transcript with their final grades. Full detailed instructions to submit Proof of Enrollments and transcripts are located in the Materials section.

Independent Study

Grantees are not allowed to engage in any research projects during their first academic term. However, they may be eligible to participate in an independent study if:

  • they are currently enrolled in full-time academic work
  • they have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • the project corresponds with their field of study
  • the project is located on-campus
  • the project is supervised by a professor

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