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Grantee Co-Authors Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Article, Ranks Third In Category

Vanessa Sperandio, along with Professor Philippe Diaz and other colleagues at the University of Montana, co-authored a published article which ranked third in the Chemistry, Medicinal category in the 2014 Journal Citation Reports.

Photo: Introduction to Journal Article

March 22, 2016

Q&A With Grantees Leticia Vaz and Dioser Santos

University of Arkansas grantees Leticia Vaz and Dioser Santos were featured on the campus website, highlighting their BSMP experience!

Photo: Leticia Vaz, University of Arkansas BSMP Intern

Source and photo:
March 8, 2016

BSMP Alumni Hiago Gonçalves Vasconcelos To Present Engineering Project at International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE)

Hiago Gonçalves Vasconcelos who attended the University of Kentucky during his BSMP experience, will return to the United States to attend ISEE in Las Vegas on January 31 to present his project on research project on Area Explosives and Demolition of Rocks.

Photo: Hiago Gonçalves Vasconcelos

Source and photo:
January 28, 2015

Grantee Francesca Oliveira and Penn State Team Win North American PetroChallenge Championship

Francesca Oliveira and her classmates from Pennsylvania State University took home first place at the North American PetroChallenge Championship, held at the University of Houston, for their research and plans on oil and gas production.

Photo: winning team of the North America PetroChallenge Championship

Source and photo: Francesca Oliveira
January 21, 2015

BSMP Alumnae Finalists at Women Vendor's Forum & Exhibition (WVEF) Tech Challenge 2015

Marcela Alves and Brenda Miranda, former grantees who attended Arizona State University, were chosen as finalists in the WVEF Tech Challenge this year. Alves and Miranda presented their application EmpowerIt, designed to promote women-owned businesses. The Challenge was run by the International Trade Centre and this year, the organization teamed up with Google and global tech company CI&T.

Photo: Marcela Alves and Brenda Miranda, WVEF Tech Challenge finalists

December 2, 2015

TIDE Talks Speaker Michael Gandra Represents International Community at University of Alabama

Grantee Michael Gandra was a featured speaker at the University of Alabama's TIDE Talks, where he presented on his cultural experiences in the US and his ideas on the international community.

Photo: Michael Gandra at TIDE Talks

Source: Michael Gandra
November 25, 2015

Grantee Presents Research Project at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE) Annual Meeting

Mariana Souza of Wayne State University (WSU) attended the annual AlChE convention in Salt Lake City, UT to present her research project on catalysis, which she has been working on with WSU's Chemical Engineering Department.

Photo: Mariana Souza, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting

Source: Mariana Souza
November 16, 2015

Lucas Rossi Wins NYPD Sexual Assault Awareness Poster Contest

New York Institute of Technology grantee Lucas Rossi's winning poster will be featured by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and across New York City's colleges and universities.

Photo: grantee Lucas Rossi with his winning poster

Source: NY Daily News
November 10, 2015

Celebration of Nations Brings Multicultural Pride to Missouri University of Science and Technology

Grantees participated in the annual parade, bringing Brazil to Missouri's diverse college community.

Missouri University of Science and Technology's Celebration of Nations Parade

Source: Missouri S&T Sponsored Student Service Facebook
October 10, 2015

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Interns Develop Safety Inspection System

Grantees Paulo Vito Ferreira Correa, Mauricio Yuji Murakami, and Leopoldo Augusto Silva Rezende helped to develop a cable-driven inspection system for bridges, storage tanks and other large structures during their internship with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Mechanical Engineering department.

OT- UL-Lafayette-Students

September 28, 2015

Rice University Geology Team Go Back in Time at Texas Ranch 

Grantee Roberto Pasquale da Cruz Trotta, along with marine geologist Dr. André Droxler, were featured in a video highlighting their studies of the Llano River in Central Texas.

Rice University geologists discover half-billion year old "time capsules"

Rice geologists study half-billion year-old "time capsules"

September 9, 2015

UTSA Expands Study Abroad Program, Features BSMP Students

The Texas university is hosting eight Brazilian students this year, and planning to increase their international program initiatives.

August 27, 2015

Adapting to American Culture: Q&A With BSMP Student

University of Alabama campus website The Crimson White features chemical engineering student Isabelle Moreira.

University of Alabama student Isabelle Moreira

Source: The Crimson White (University of Alabama)
August 24, 2015

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Students Participate in Pollution Prevention Project

BSMP students spent their summer at NJIT working on different parts of a community-based project, from research and development plans to business implementation.

Brazilian students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Source: NJIT
August 2015

CSUN Student Kelvi Oliveira Uses Work Experience from Brazil to Help LA Clean Energy Company

California State University, Northridge student Kelvi Oliveira worked for the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), conducting research similar to the Brazilian energy companies he helped put to market.

Kelvi Oliveira of Tseng College, California State University Northridge

Source: CSUN, Tseng College
August 2015

Students at Old Dominion University Spend Summer with Engineering Researcher

Seven BSMP students worked with ODU professors to tackle pipeline erosion and propose solutions with hands-on research.

Old Dominion University students participating in the engineering research summer program.

Source: Old Dominion University
August 2015

Mercer University Launches Summer Engineering Program for BSMP Students

The Mercer University Summer Engineering Experience (MeSEE) is a 10-week research program that hosts nearly 100 Brazilian students, along with local undergraduate students.

Photo: BSMP students participating in the MESEE program at Mercer University

Source: Mercer University
July 31, 2015

Grantees Digging Deep with the Illinois State University Horticulture Center

Three BSMP grantees are spending their Summer with the Illinois State University Horticulture Center.

Photo: BSMP student outside with ISU Horticulture Center Director
Source: Illinois State University
July 21, 2015

CUA Intern Luis Felipe Longo Micchi Discovers Supernova with Physics Department

Catholic University of America's intern Luis Felipe Longo Micchi discovered a supernova candidate, along with Physics Dept. Chair Dr. Steve Kraemer.

Source: CUA Dept. of Physics
July 14, 2015

August 6, 2014

California State University, Northridge featured the BSMP initiative and its development on campus, including a video of Brazilian students describing their experiences.

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August 6, 2014

Seven Brazilian students recently completed summer internships in the Western Illinois University departments of mathematics, physics and University Technology.

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August 5, 2014

Paulo Camargo, the Consul General of Brazil in Chicago and Marianne Martins Guimaraes, the Deputy Consul visited the IIT Summer IPRO Day on July 24, 2014 to see presentations from students involved in BSMP.

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July 31, 2014

Amgen is a proud partner of the Brazilian Science without Borders initiative. Through its summer internship program, Amgen engages the scientists of tomorrow in comprehensive and meaningful projects.

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July 24, 2014

BSMP students at the University of Arkansas are giving back to the Northwest Arkansas community by helping to make and bottle spaghetti sauce for the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

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July 17, 2014

Computer engineering major Henrique Silveira just landed his first internship with the award-winning health and wellness information site, WebMD. He speaks about what he loves about Columbia's international community, why his first internship is so important, and how being a visiting student at Columbia is helping him reach his career goals.

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June 25, 2014

Local Arizona station 12 News, interviewed Arizona State University student Luis Oliveira about the World Cup, and about studying in the United States.

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June 16, 2014

Brazilians are renowned for their Carnival, their soccer and their zest for life. The country's flair is on colorful display this summer as billions across the globe watch every bounce of the World Cup. Here in Denver, meanwhile, dozens of Brazilian students are focusing on a different prize—enhancing their education.

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March 11, 2014

The State University of New York at Albany published an article that explains the program well, and shows the positive impact it has had on the students they have hosted. Currently, UAlbany is hosting 33 Brazilian students.

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September 9, 2013

Dupont ran a commercial in Brazil which illustrated the company's participation in the Academic Training portion of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. Last summer, Dupont hosted 10 students for three months. Follow the link below to hear the students' testaments.

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August 22, 2013

One of BSMP's Corporate Partners, Raytheon Company, graduated its first group of Brazil Scientific Mobility Program interns. The interns participated in Raytheon's "Science to Success" program.

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July 22, 2013

The University of Montana shared news from its international students doing internships in the U.S. this summer, including Ana Monteiro, a BSMP student.

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June 18, 2013

SDI Intelligrated, a joint venture in São Paulo, Brazil between Intelligrated® and SDI Group USA, announces that it will host three interns from Brazil in the U.S. this summer.

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June 17, 2013

ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics for cable, telco, wireless and fiber broadband providers announced today their participation as a Corporate Partner in the Brazilian government's Brazil Scientific Mobility Scholarship program.

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April 9, 2012

The BBC profiles two Brazil Scientific Mobility students doing internships as part of their BSMP grant and discusses President Rousseff's 2012 visit to the U.S.

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April 4, 2012

President and C.E.O. of IIE Dr. Allan E. Goodman speaks at a day long conference entitled "Brazil-U.S.: Partnership for the 21st Century, "in Washington, D.C., attended by President Dilma Roussef of Brazil.

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March 17, 2012

The “Economist” magazine profiles the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, Brazil’s boldest attempt yet at increasing its involvement in the international community.

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