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January Winner

Each month, one Student of the Month will be selected. Check back often! The essay question for February is:

What is your favorite class this term?

Please send a brief essay and a photograph of yourself to by Monday, February 9 in order to be considered as a winner.

Winners receive a certificate and a letter of congratulation, and winning essays will be featured on this page!

Academic Program Winner

January 2015 Student of the Month - Marco Name: Marco William Paulo Da Silva
Field of Study: Software Engineering
U.S. Host Institution: Savannah College of Art and Design
Institution in Brazil: Universidade de Brasilia

"What is my New Year's resolution? Even though It might sound insane, I will change the world. This exchange has been changing my conception about many aspects, but the most important is that it is opening my mind and providing me a new point of view about the world. So, why not really change somehow this year, rather than just make the same unachievable cliché plans?

I could say once more, as most people always say, "Next year? I will start going to the gym, I will drink less coffee, I will surely study harder, I am going to find the love of my life, it is going to be the year I am going to become rich, and so on."

Instead of making self plans, though, this year I want to be more friendly, helpful, cooperative, kind, peaceful, amiable, selfless. I want people to feel loved. I will embrace any chance I get of helping someone out; feeding homeless people or those who do not have a good (or even any) financial condition, giving advice when possible, or even just hearing someone out to make that person feel better.

When talking about changing the world, people think it requires too much of them, when actually it's just about loving each other. Having a better world is something that everyone wants, although unfortunately it is not everybody who gives some effort to make it happen.

Love is indeed what is missing in today's world. If at least each person who reads this essay makes a good difference in someone else's life, it is already a good beginning. Also, love being spread, come what may, it is going to make you feel better as well."

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