Events and Conferences

January 10-11, 2013 - Madrid, Spain

Workshop: 2013 Economic Challenges for Energy, Madrid

January 9, 2013 - Madrid, Spain

Seminar by Vaclav Smil in Madrid - Energy: Myths and Realities, bringing science to the energy policy debate

June 25-26, 2012 - A Toxa, Galicia, Spain

Fifth Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics

The Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics is a biannual scientific meeting organized by Fundación Barrié, Economics for Energy and the research group rede at the University of Vigo. The workshop has become an important outlet for the discussion and debate on state-of-the-art research on energy and environmental issues, with a limited number of participants coming from all around the world. The call for papers is open until March 31, 2012.

Fifth Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics

June 7, 2012 - Ann Arbor, Michigan

SMART Private Sector Round Table

SMART holds panel on emerging new mobility industry, and discusses opportunities and challenges. Attendees include Ford Motor, IBM, Toyota, Innomobility, Brookings Institution, and others.

May 21, 2012 - Berlin, Germany

SETAC World Conference 2012

A launch event for the new life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) methodology IMPACT WORLD+, which is a joint major update to IMPACT WORLD 2002+, EDIP and LUCAS. A brief talk and short presentation and Q&A on the most important aspects of the IMPACT World+ method. Posters describing methodological details and handout material about the method will be available.

SETAC World Conference 2012, Berlin

April 22-27, 2012 - Vienna, Austria

Carlos Ocampo, of Greening Australia, will present a paper on "Development of a transient-ephemeral shallow aquifer in a sandy hillslope: Its role on phosphorus transport." The presentation will discuss Greening Australia's research on phosphorous movement through the Peel-Harvey wetland area, near Perth, Western Australia.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012
Download Abstract (36 KB, PDF)

April 27, 2012 - Australia

FarmTree Expo 2012

Doug Philips and Dave Warne, of Greening Australia, present the research on the use of biochar in accelerating growth rates of indigenous plants which can then be used as a biofuel. A closed system that doesn't require external input once it is up and running.

Download Otway Agroforest Network Autumn 2012 Newsletter (979 KB, PDF)

March 14-16, 2012 - Washington, DC

Advancing Sustainability researchers Glenn Daehn (OSU) and Susan Zielinski (U of M) join Matthew Brest (Alcoa) and representatives from General Motors for an urban mobility and sustainable transportation panel at GreenBiz's VERGE 2012 in Washington, DC. The panel is intended to explore transportation-related challenges, opportunities and drivers such as market demand and policy in an interactive format. 300-400 participants have been invited to attend.

VERGE 2012 - DC

January 30-31, 2012 - Madrid, Spain

Economics for Energy hosts an annual invitation-only workshop for 40 academics and business professionals entitled "Economic Challenges for Energy." The workshop brought together prestigious international experts in the field of energy economics and was directed to an audience (by invitation) of leading representatives of firms, public administrations and Universities. The workshop was closed with a keynote lecture by Lutz Kilian (Michigan), open to the general public.

Workshop: 2012 Economic Challenges for Energy, Madrid

January 19, 2012 - Columbus, Ohio

A Fast-Paced Presentation of Ideas on Sustainable Manufacturing, Materials and Design.  A dozen speakers discuss unique and important solutions to problems related to manufacturing and technology.

Speakers and Topics:

  • Who’s Hungry for Light Sandwich Steel?—Eyal Mizrahi, Productive Research
  • You Can’t Spot Weld Aluminum or Magnesium…or can you? —Dr. Anthony, Innovative Weld Solutions
  • When Life gives you Dandelions, make Rubber! —Kenny Anderson, Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center
  • A New Spin on a Traditional Shipping Pallet—OSU MSE Undergraduate Research
  • Conformal Interference Joining—Professor Tony Luscher
  • Surface Protection with Nano-Paper—Professor Jose Castro, The Ohio State University
  • Empowering Innovators to Bring Concept to Reality—Dr. Alex Bander, Columbus Idea Foundry

January 12, 2012 - Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Manufacturing Institute Presents: A Lecture with Kevin Kramer, President of Alcoa Growth Initiatives.

Kevin Kramer discussed "From Auto to Aero - Engineering Sustainable Solutions for 125 Years." Kramer will present Alcoa's key role as the aluminum supplier dating back to Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers, paving the way for technical advancement in the auto and air industries and many industries in between.

Global Sustainability: A Balancing Act (403 KB, PDF)

December 19, 2011 - Detroit, Michigan

SMART Catalyzing New Mobility Project launch and Connect + Prosper / Michigan-based Seasonal Gathering

SMART Event Features Brief Talk on New Business Models, Global New Mobility Market & the Urban Poor by new Rockefeller Foundation Partner; Launches 2012 SMART and Connect + Prosper Projects & Research. It features a brief talk on new business models, the emerging New Mobility industry, and transport for the urban poor.

November 29, 2011 - Madrid, Spain

Economics for Energy presents research to the public at the Spanish National Energy Commission.

The second annual report of Economics for Energy was presented on Tuesday November, 29 2011 at the Comisión Nacional de Energía (Madrid). The introductory speech was given by Tomas Gomez, director of the Comisión Nacional de Energía. Afterwards Xavier Labandeira and Pedro Linares, Directors of Economics for Energy, presented the report and answered questions from the audience.

November 23-25 - Canberra, Australia

Greening Australia's biochar research team presents at Bioenergy Australia 2011 Conference.

Bioenergy Australia 2011: Conference Towards 2020 - Growing Our Sustainable Future

November 21-25, 2011 - Wrest Point, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Greening Australia's Chief Scientist, David Freudenberger, presents research on wetlands at the Ecological Society of Australia's 2011 Annual Conference in Tasmania.

Ecological Society of Australia 2011 Annual Conference: Ecology in Changing Landscapes

November 9-11, 2011 - Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada

Representatives from École Polytechnique de Montréal and Alcoa present at the Conference on Sustainable Development in the Aluminum Industry. Valérie Bécaert, Research Officer at École Polytechnique de Montréal presents on the subject of "Social and Environmental Life-Cycle Analysis: A Compass to Sustainable Development." Lise Sylvain, Regional Sustainability Director, Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products, gives a presentation entitled "Ecosystem Services Review—Baie-Comeau Modernization Project."

Conference on Sustainable Development in the Aluminum Industry

November 5, 2011 - Portland, Australia

Doug Phillips, of Greening Australia, speaks about both of Greening Australia's Advancing Sustainability Initiatives to approximately 150 delegates at the Lions 2012 District Convention.

October 20, 2011 - New York, NY

IIE, Alcoa Foundation and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) hosted an "In Good Company" meeting highlighting the Advancing Sustainability Research Initiative, and discussing key trends in the corporate citizenship field.

October 19, 2011 - Russia

Alcoa Russia sponsored a roundtable on “Business & Society”. Galina Grigorieva (Alcoa Russia) spoke about the importance of the environment in Alcoa's sustainability model and presented the water management research initiative, along with Elena Bondarchuk of Fund for Sustainable Development.

September 29-30, 2011 - Melbourne, Australia

Greening Australia researchers present at the Australia & New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network Regional Meeting. Genevieve Ackland presented on "Biochar and Energy from Trees Project - Biochar Field Trials." Doug Phillips presented on "Biochar-Amended Potting Mixes: Their Value and Impact on the Propagation of Native Tree and Shrub Species."

Australia & New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network Regional Meeting

September 22, 2011 - Samara, Russia

Advancing Sustainability partners in Russia conducted a roundtable entitled “Population Attitudes to Water Resources Management: Issues and Possibilities.” Attendees included NGOs, educational institutions, administrative entities and business firms. The participants reviewed a sociologial survey on attitudes towards water use from Spring 2011, and drafted solutions to the region's water problems, which will be provided to relevant regional authorities. Key recommendations included the need for more data on water issues, and the need to improve public participation in decision-making regarding regional water management.

September 15-18, 2011 - Kyoto, Japan

Doug Phillips (Greening Australia) presentation on "Exploring Benefits of Biochar for Native Vegetation Restoration" at Asia Pacific Biochar Conference, which will highlight findings from recently completed biochar nursery propagation trials.

Asia Pacific Biochar Conference
PowerPoint - Exploring the Benefits of Biochar for Native Vegetation Restoration

September 12-14, 2011 - Columbus, Ohio

2011 OSU Materials Week

August 10, 2011 - Detroit, MI

Glenn Daehn (OSU) chaired 4th Annual Advanced Lightweight Materials Symposium.

4th Annual Advanced Lightweight Materials Symposium

July 25-30, 2011 - Kaliningrad, Russia

Sustainability of Water Bodies, Catchment and Coastal Areas: Risks in Using Them

July 5, 2011 - Vigo, Spain

Launch Event for Advanced Research in Energy and Environmental Economics

José R. Camino, President of Alcoa Spain, Javier Guerra, Galician Minister of Industry, Salustiano Mato, President of the University of Vigo, and Xavier Labandeira, Director of Economics for Energy, participated in the official delivery of a US$ 350,000 grant to promote advanced research in energy economics through postdoctoral researchers.

June 30, 2011 - Perth, Australia

Greening Australia Launch Event for Phosphorous Management to Protect RAMSAR Wetland Research Program.

Download invite (563 KB, PDF)

June 22, 2011 - Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, Russia

Conference of the Public and National Park “Pleschejevo Ozero”, and Administration and City of Duma: "Participation in Social Responsible decision-making of Water Problems”

May 18-20, 2011 - Ekaterinburg, Russia

IX International Scientific- Practical Symposium and Exhibition:  “Russia’s Clean Water”

April 14, 2011 - Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, Russia

XV Scientific- Practical Conference: “Sustainable Development of Regions: Situation and Prospects”

March 24, 2011 - Sergijevsk city (Samara oblast), Russia

Workshop: "Norm-setting of Water Use as a Condition for Rational Water Resource Use"

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