Advanced Research in Energy and Environmental Economics

The program is engaging post doctoral students in the fields of energy and environmental economics. They will be guided by senior researchers in defining their objectives and methodology.

The main issues the research fellows are working on are:

  • Characterization and evaluation of the security of energy supply
  • Analysis of demand for energy (including short and long-term measurement)
  • Technological innovation in the energy domain (producers and consumers)
  • Design and effects of public policies implemented in energy and environmental fields
  • Prospective long-term analysis of energy supply and demand

Current research topics by the initiative's post-docs:

Mohcine Bakhat: Effects of oil prices on other commodities (including food and aluminium); Energy demand for energy goods; Volatility of energy prices: Analysis and treatment.

Luis Rey: Economic effects of a blackout in Spain; Energy security: definition and economic modelling; Energy efficiency policies in buildings.

Klaas Würzburg: Assessment of costs of energy efficiency measures in the Spanish economy; Description and effects from European systems to promote renewable energy (with an special focus in Germany and Spain); Energy taxes in Europe: description and analysis.

Advanced Research in Energy and Economics

University of Vigo
Economics for Energy
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