Voluntary Emissions Reduction and NGO Participation in China

The goal of this project is to make recommendations on how to build a comprehensive climate change system nationwide in China that is on par with international standards, including a "civil solution" regarding China's capacity in addressing climate change. This study will provide comprehensive knowledge about voluntary emissions reduction and NGO participation in China, as well as other countries for comparison. The research findings will be delivered to the central committee of Chinese Communist Party (the ruling party of China), the State Council, other ministries, and to the public through conferences. The research findings may also be shared with relevant government officials and departments on an ongoing basis throughout the project.

If the research findings are adopted by government agencies, they may contribute to the development of regulations on voluntary emissions reduction or NGO participation in China. This may help NGOs play increasingly important roles in China's response to climate change.

Voluntary Emissions Reduction Video

China Center for International Economic Exchanges
Tsinghua University Play NGO Participation in Voluntary Emissions Reduction Video (1:43)
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