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What roles does IIE New Delhi play?

The Institute of International Education has been engaged with higher education in India for over 60 years and has had an office in New Delhi since 2005. Working closely with corporate foundations, governments and non-governmental organizations in the region, IIE has developed and implemented a strong set of activities in higher education scholarship administration, leadership development, and critical development fields such as health, with special focus on youth and women.

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What services are available at this office?

Scholarship Management

Scholarship Management

IIE/India manages undergraduate and graduate level scholarships at academic institutions throughout the world.

New Delhi

Leadership and Professional Development

IIE/India develops leadership and capacity building programs that respond to specific professional development needs.

New Delhi

Building Partnerships

IIE/India connects higher education institutions in the South Asia region with the U.S. and other countries through delegation visits, study tours, and exploring best practices.

International University Outreach

International University Outreach

IIE/India conducts outreach activities in India and throughout South Asia on behalf of foreign universities seeking to expand their global presence and attract international students.

What programs or scholarships are managed by this office?

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