Internship Program: The IIE Europe Experience

Be part of an international team | Learn about international education first-hand | Earn ECTS credits | Live in a historic and vibrant European capital and much more...

The internship program at IIE Europe is an ideal opportunity for university students seeking to gain professional experience in the field of international education and experience a new culture. Interns at IIE Europe get a unique chance to be part of an international team of friendly professionals and live in an exciting, safe and cosmopolitan European capital. Interns complete a comprehensive orientation which helps them to better understand IIE’s global mission and IIE Europe’s specific programs as well as prepare them for their tasks. Each intern works closely with an assigned staff member who tailors the program to best suit their interests and capabilities, and provides guidance and supervision throughout the internship.


Each intern’s portfolio is designed based on the current program needs of the office and the specific interests and skills of the intern. IIE Europe interns are typically involved in one or more of the following activities:

  • Research and program development
  • Program launch
  • Program evaluation
  • Conference and summer seminar organization information management
  • Program specific outreach activities


  •  Interest in international education and development.
  • Completion of at least two years of college/university.
  • A specific time commitment of a summer or academic semester. Internships must be at least 3 months in length.
  • Finances to cover travel, lodging, meals, and personal expenses while in Budapest.
  • Personal maturity as demonstrated by the ability to receive instructions and work on projects with limited supervision. Self-direction is essential.
  • The ability to adapt to and benefit from a new cultural experience.
  • A good understanding and skill level of basic software applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Fluency in 1+ European language in addition to English.

NOTE: Students studying at universities that are holders of Extended ERASMUS University Charter are encouraged to apply for traineeship funding through the ERASMUS Student Mobility for Placement scheme. For more information contact the ERASMUS coordinator or the International Office at your university.

Payment & Housing

Since the internship is unpaid, interns are responsible for covering all costs of their stay in Budapest. In the past, interns have been able to receive financial assistance through ERSMUS Student Mobility for Placement scheme, from their universities, fellowships or private organizations. Therefore, we strongly encourage potential applicants to explore these possibilities. It is generally possible to rent an apartment in Budapest for less than $400-$500/month, although the cost may vary depending on location and season. IIE does not provide housing but can provide some assistance with the search for a place to live.

Program Schedule and Applications

Spring Term: February-May | Summer Term: May-August | Fall Term: September-December

IIE Europe typically has one intern in the spring and fall and two interns in the summer term.

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, with final deadlines as follows:

Spring Term: October 15 | Summer Term: March 15 | Fall Term: June 15

To apply, please send your CV with a cover letter to Please explain how your skills and interests match IIE’s mission and activities and specify for which period you are applying.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted to schedule a Skype/phone interview.

For more information please contact:
Borbala Barnahazi 
Institute of International Education | European Office
Tel: +36 1 472 2250

Download the IIE Internship Program flyer (115.396 KB, PDF)

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