About the Office

The Bangkok office has dedicated more than 50 years to fostering intercultural understanding and providing developmental opportunities across the Asia Pacific region.

Our activities include:

Fellowship and Scholarship Management

IIE/SEA provides scholarship administration services to large public and private sector organizations that include:

GE Foundation Scholar Leaders
BP/NOC Workforce Readiness Program
SMBC Global Foundation Scholarship
SUNCOR Master’s Scholarship

Global Outreach

IIE/SEA partners with governments, development agencies, foundations, universities and corporations, leveraging its international networks to facilitate student and scholar mobility around the world.

Schwarzman Scholars
NYU Abu Dhabi

International Education Services

IIE/SEA conducts research and provides information to the public and academic community, and convenes educators, policymakers, and philanthropy professionals to discuss strategies for fostering international cooperation through international exchange.

  • University Partnerships
  • Student Placement Services
  • Custom Learning Programs
  • English Assessment

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