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Provide support and safe haven to threatened scholars around the world

"To rescue scholars is to rescue the future."

– Dr. Henry Kaufman, IIE Chairman Emeritus and IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Co-Founder

IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) provides emergency academic fellowships for established scholars whose lives or careers are threatened in their home countries. The fellowships provide professors, researchers and other senior academics with temporary refuge at universities and colleges around the world, enabling them to pursue their academic work and to continue to share their knowledge with students, colleagues, and the community at large.

“More than once I could have been killed. Now I can live again and work for the sake of science.”    

– IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Grantee

Since 2002 IIE-SRF has received more than 4,500 requests for assistance from scholars in 110 countries. We have awarded fellowships to more than 560 scholars from 50 countries, finding visiting scholar appointments for them at over 300 host partner institutions in 40 countries around the world.

Save-a-Scholar Campaign

Please join the campaign to rescue an endangered scholar today. For each contribution of $30,000, IIE-SRF will be able to rescue a scholar in the donor’s name for one academic year. Each contribution will also be matched by an IIE-SRF partner university or research center.