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  • Experiential Learning and the UAE

    By: Collette Agnese on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    photo from the World Student Scholarship Education Program in Abu Dhabi

    Last week, I was honored to attend the World Student Scholarship Education Program in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on behalf of IIE, which, for nearly 100 years, has specialized in the management of some of the world’s most elite student programs around the world. This conference brings together government scholarship administrators and higher education institutions to develop partnerships, and share updates on how we are all moving the needle forward to develop new talent, strengthen key fields of study, and to build new pathways for students within and between each of our countries. Representatives from government agencies in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan and Bahrain were in attendance as well as U.S. and foreign higher education institutions.

  • Letter from Tbilisi

    By: Dr. Allan E. Goodman on Friday, November 4, 2016

    Georgia’s Minister of Education and Science, Aleksandre Jejelava, is embracing what I consider a more positive educational nationalism—a drive to internationalize higher education institutions, faculty and student bodies. During my visit to Tbilisi I heard him speak about his vision of Georgian higher education, to "[offer] education to all of our neighbors and draw students from even beyond them." To do so, the Georgian government amended its visa regime to make it easier for international students to come to Georgia for study purposes. By the year's end, Georgia will be part of the European Union visa waiver system and hopes to welcome many more European students under the Erasmus programs.

  • Reflections on a Cuban Study Tour

    By: Maria Beltran, Pattie Umali, Kate Hufnagel, and Zach Braun on Monday, August 8, 2016

    Zach Braun, Pattie Umali, Maria Beltran and Kate Hufnagel in Cuba

    This summer, four American University graduate students traveled to Cuba to conduct an evaluation of IIE’s Cuba International Academic Partnership Program as part of a faculty-led group project. While informative academically and programmatically, this collection of short observations highlights how each team member also grew personally from the experience.

  • International Partnerships: What Does it Mean to be Strategic?

    By: Robin Matross Helms on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

    Strategic Partnerships Book Thumbnail

    Strategic international partnerships are a hot topic in higher education right now. Collectively, we seem to be moving away from an initial philosophy of “let’s sign as many MOUs with foreign institutions as we can,” to an approach that emphasizes careful planning, deliberate action, and attention to quality, depth, and sustainability.

    Now that we’re headed down this path, however, the nuances of what we mean by “strategic” are increasingly important. At ACE, we’re having conversations with our members and program participants about this topic on a regular basis—these have helped us begin to unpack the term “strategic” and better understand its manifestations in relation to global engagement.

  • 6 New Developments in China's Philanthropy Sector

    By: Paul Turner on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    Inauguration Ceremony of the China Global Philanthropy Institute

    IIE East Asia is pursuing a number of initiatives to support and engage with Greater China’s developing philanthropy sector. In Hong Kong the sector is mature and provides many opportunities for IIE—which has offices in both Hong Kong and Beijing—to support foundation work in throughout China. The philanthropy sector in the mainland is young but growing fast, and IIE is constantly developing new initiatives to address the needs of this burgeoning sector. Our work with the Ford Foundation under the Learning Circles for Chinese Philanthropy program has allowed us to identify a number of areas where we can support the sector drawing on the resources from both our offices. Below, Siusie Hsiao in IIE’s office in Beijing gives an overview of these key areas. We are very grateful to the Ford Foundation for supporting our work in this area. In due course we will also provide a view from Hong Kong showing how efforts across the region can be harmonized.

  • The Math Behind Partnerships: Finding Balance in Student Exchange

    By: Kate Mattingly Learch and Clare Banks on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    Strategic Partnerships Book Thumbnail

    The following blog entry is the second in a series of partnership-focused pieces related to IIE’s recent publication, Global Perspectives on Strategic International Partnerships: A Guide to Building Sustainable Academic Linkages. This series provides the book’s authors the opportunity to expand upon their chapter, react to another chapter in the book, or address a whole new partnership topic entirely.

    One of the reasons I chose to join the Coggin College of Business International Business Flagship Program at the University of North Florida (Jacksonville, FL) in 2007 was due to the growing study abroad programs available. Little did I know that, just a few years later, I would be helping lead our team in deepening the college’s international strategic relationships. One such relationship is with KEDGE Business School, formerly Euromed Management, located in Marseille, France.

  • Negotiating Space in International Academic Partnerships: Lessons from South Africa

    By: Naureen Madhani and Clare Banks on Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Partnership office at a South African university

    The following blog entry is the first in a series of partnership-focused pieces related to IIE’s recent publication, Global Perspectives on Strategic International Partnerships: A Guide to Building Sustainable Academic Linkages. This series provides the book’s authors the opportunity to expand upon their chapter, react to another chapter in the book, or address a whole new partnership topic entirely.

    "Negotiated space" might sound like a heavy phrase, full of conflict and difficult conversations. It is the phrase used by the American Council on Education to describe the process of developing ethical frameworks for collaboration in international higher education partnerships. I find that it is an apt term because it conveys a sense of agency in a common, co-created space. This is the space that forms the foundation for sustainable international higher education partnerships.

  • The View from Down Under: Reflections on the APAIE Conference in Melbourne

    By: Paul Turner on Monday, March 21, 2016

    This year's Asia Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) Conference was the biggest ever with 1,600 attendees. And although Australia was a long way even for some of us in the rest of Asia, universities, NGOs and international education experts from across the globe gathered to find common cause and mull over the issues facing our sector.

  • Is Globalization Good or Bad for International Education?

    By: Jon Grosh on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    The answer to this question, according to the authors of IIE’s spring 2014 edition of IIENetworker is, “it depends.” While we tend to think of internationalization and globalization as harmonious, even synonymous, this issue of IIE’s biannual magazine makes important distinctions between the two and points out the benefits—along with potential drawbacks—of rapid globalization.

    So how might globalization be bad for international education?

  • A Tale of Three Cities

    By: Dr. Allan E. Goodman on Monday, March 24, 2014

    "The way to create a really great city is to establish a university. Then wait several hundred years."

    It was Mark Twain, I think, who had this important insight. Neither cities nor universities get built overnight. But having returned from visiting universities in three very major and rapidly growing cities, I had a chance to reflect on what it is taking to build world class institutions of higher education in an age of globalization.

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