IIE Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates

To date, there are 56 Nobel Prize-winning alumni of the Fulbright Program (which the Institute has been privileged to administer for the U.S. Department of State since the program's inception in 1946), along with 16 other IIE administered grantees and 6 of the Institute's Trustees and advisers. In total, 44 have won in the sciences, 18 in economics, 6 in literature and 10 for peace - a glowing achievement in which we take exceptional pride.

There can be no more powerful testimony to the unique value of international education and exchange programs than the accomplishments of these Nobel Laureates, hailing from so many different nations, whose early promise was recognized, and supported, by the Fulbright Program and IIE. These greatly gifted men and women – and the next generation of international exchange students the Institute is currently identifying-are truly the hope of the world, working to serve humankind by conquering disease, advancing world peace, reducing global poverty, preserving the environment and creating a more just and prosperous global society.

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