IIE Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates


Name Relationship to Fulbright and IIE Year
Charles K. Kao IIE Visiting Lecturer, Hong Kong to US 2009
Masatoshi Koshiba Fulbright Fellow, Japan to US, 1953-55 2002
Riccardo Giacconi Fulbright Fellow, Italy to US, 1956-58 2002
Carlo Rubbia Fulbright Fellow, Italy to US, 1958-59 1984
William A. Fowler Fulbright Fellow, to England, 1954-55 1983
Philip W. Anderson Fulbright Scholar, to Japan, 1953-54 1977
Hannes Alfven Fulbright Scholar, Sweden to US, 1954-55 1970
Hans Bethe Fulbright Scholar, to UK, 1955 1967
Charles H. Townes Fulbright Scholar, to France and Japan, 1955 1964
Emilio Segre Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1950 1959
Chen Ning Yang Fulbright Scholar, to Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, 1974 1957
Roy Glauber Fulbright Scholar, to France, 1954 2005
Edward M. Purcell IIE Graduate Student, to Germany, 1933-1934 1952
Felix Bloch Emergency Committee Scholar, 1933; Fulbright, 1959 1952
James Franck Emergency Committee Scholar, Germany to US, 1930s 1925
Sir William L. Bragg IIE Visiting Lecturer, UK to US, 1920s 1915
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