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  • Boren Fellow
    Alumni in the News

    Individuals from virtually every corner of the globe have participated in programs designed, developed or administered by the IIE.

  • Nobel Prize
    Nobel Laureates

    To date, IIE counts 59 Nobel Laureates among our alumni, 43 of whom were Fulbright grantees.

  • Pulitzer Prize
    Pulitzer Prize Winners

    IIE counts 48 Pulitzer Prize winning writers, poets, journalists and musicians among our alumni.

Participant Stories
  • Giffin Daughtridge cropped head shot for profile.

    “The Fulbright program launched a passion in me to protect high-risk populations from infectious disease.” 

  • Megan Ryle small headshot

    Read about Megan's life-changing experience with Freeman-ASIA, and how it led her to a career in the Embassy of Japan.

  • Foreign Fulbright alumnus Sergio Aguayo

    “Shattering the walls of prejudice, I have understood something simple and profound: we are part of the world.”

  • Laurie A. Brand, IIE Alumni, IIE Grantee, Fulbright, Bellagio

    Fulbright Scholar and IIE Alumna, Dr. Laurie A. Brand Pays Pays It Forward for Academic Freedom in Syria

  • Anurag Gupta headshot

    “The Goldman Sachs Program gave me a global network of like-minded friends from Kosovo to Brazil and Japan.”

  • Quenton White Gilman Alumni

    Gilman International Scholarship alum Quenton White is encouraging economic recovery in Detroit.

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Manager, IIE Alumni Initiative

Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017 USA
E-mail: alumni@iie.org

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