Faces of IIE
  • Michael Wing, Toyota International Teachers Program
    Inspired by his trip with the Toyota International Teacher Program, teacher Michael Wing created a new science program.
  • Rachel Ortiz and Susan Mazur, Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Grantees

    Teachers Rachel Ortiz and Susan Mazur participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.

  • Muhammed Zeidan, International Human Rights Intern

    Muhammed Zeidan is a former International Human Rights Intern well-acquainted with adversity.

  • Edwin Munger, geographer and IIE grantee

    As the first Fulbright Fellow in Africa in 1951, Edwin Munger has become a world-recognized authority on the continent.

  • Pieter van Eijk, Alcoa Foundation Fellow

    Pieter van Eijk, an Alcoa Foundation Fellow at Wetlands International, is piloting four conservation projects in Indonesia and Mali.