Muhammed Zeidan, International Human Rights Intern

IHRIP Fellow Muhammed Zeidan

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Zeidan, second from left, at a demonstration in Nazareth on human rights violations
International Human Rights Internship Program Fellow, Israel to U.S., 1994

Muhammed Zeidan is raising two children, his son Bashar, and his daughter Yara, in Nazareth. It is not an easy place to raise a family, but as Director of the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), Zeidan is well-acquainted with adversity. In an area of the world where so many have resorted to violence, Zeidan and HRA have been working peacefully for nearly 15 years to promote and protect the political, civil, economic, and cultural rights of all of Israel’s residents, and in particular the Arab-Israeli minority.

Under Zeidan’s direction, HRA has become an important human rights educator and a leading NGO among local and regional organizations in the field of international advocacy. In the wake of disheartening violence, Zeidan has remained committed to participating in regional and international human rights coalitions, and working towards a more inclusive society for all residents of the Middle East.

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