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"Over more than 15 years, the University at Buffalo's international recruitment program has greatly benefited from the expert briefings and high-impact visibility provided by IIE's Higher Education Fairs.  IIE has proven value!"

Raymond Lew, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

IIE has organized Higher Education Fairs since 1982. Our established track record and expertise offer a cost-effective and convenient way to maximize your school's exposure internationally.

IIE fairs offer you:

Well Managed and Trusted Fairs:

  • Quick and convenient online registration
  • Student contacts sent straight back to you
  • Authoritative and detailed country briefings
  • School profile distributed to all fair-goers
  • Advertising Opportunity in IIE’s Fair Guide
  • Convenient and reliable shipping for your materials

Country Briefings:

A country briefing to orient you with key information on relevant topics that will aid your understanding of each higher education market.Topics include:

  • The current political and economic situation in the country
  • An update on developments in the local education system
  • Trends on the flow of students to the United States
  • Information on sponsored scholarship programs
  • News about other countries' efforts to attract students

Networking Opportunities:

  • IIE will offer the opportunity to meet with local school representatives in an informal, relaxed environment, allowing you to network, learn about possible partnerships and interact with faculty and professors that advise students directly.

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