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Coming soon: profiles of the universities attending the IIE Higher Education fairs and links to connect directly with representatives!

University fairs are a wonderful opportunity to interact with U.S. university representatives. Make the most of your time by doing some research a head of time and preparing some specific questions. Here are a few recommendations for questions to ask:

Steps for talking to Representatives

1. Do your research. Visit university websites to find some basic information: 

  • How many students attend the college
  • Where the campus is located
  • What degrees and majors are offered
  • What the total cost is to attend
  • What is the application deadline

2. Pick a few of the below questions that are most important to you to ask school representatives
3. Introduce yourself and speak clearly
4. Pick up the representative’s business card so you can contact them later if necessary
5. Write down your impressions of each school, what you learned, and what information you want to look into


If you are in your early stages of learning about schools, these recommended questions can help you get started.

  • What sets your school apart from others? What are the strongest/most popular programs/majors?
  • What is the average class size for the program I'm interested in? What is the largest class size?
  • How can I learn about classes I will need to take for my major?
  • Are classes lecture or discussion? Does faculty teach all classes, or do you use teaching assistants or instructors?
  • What services or activities are offered on campus (ex: Student Center, International Center, Fitness Center, Writing Center, library and technology services, academic and career services, tutoring, health clinic, etc.)?
  • Are there many on- or off-campus housing options? Do many students live on campus?


If you know about the U.S. education system and have some schools in mind, these questions may help you gain a deeper understanding of which might be right for you.

  • Are there undergraduate/graduate research possibilities with faculty? In what areas?
  • What centers or institutes does your campus have outside of academic programs? Can students be involved?
  • Is it difficult to get the schedule I need?
  • Will I have an advisor to help me with choosing courses? Are faculty advisors assigned?
  • What campus jobs are available for international students? Are there internships for students on or off campus
  • How would you describe the academic pressure and workload? The student body culture?
  • What types of extra-curricular activities, clubs or events are there on campus?


If you have decided what schools you’re interested in applying to, these questions will help you target your applications and get you prepared to live and study in the U.S.

  • Does the school or do specific majors have minimum cut-offs for GPA, test scores, or course pre-requisites?
  • What are the acceptance and enrollment rates? Can I apply to more than one program at your school?
  • Do you offer early decision or early admission? Do you offer Spring admissions for international students?
  • What financial aid or scholarships are available from your school, specifically for international students?
  • What are the criteria and application process for financial aid or scholarships for international students?
  • When in the application process do I hear about financial aid?
  • What is the local town/city like? Urban? Suburban? Rural? What can students do on and off campus?
  • What is public transportation like? Will I need a car? Are there nearby transportation options such as an airport?

Community Colleges/Transferring

  • Do community college transfer programs also apply to international students?
  • How do I know what classes to take at a Community College if I want to transfer?
  • Can I change my major once I transfer?
  • Will the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree meet general education requirements at your school?

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