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To participate in Global E3, you need to be a student attending a member university. See "Participating Institutions" on the online application website for more information about whether your school is a member.

Students who apply to Global E3 should be aware of the below process.

  1. STUDENT: Contacts the home-campus Global E3 administrator. This person is typically in the study abroad or engineering abroad office.
  2. STUDENT: Researches potential host institutions and completes the online application. Students may apply for Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Academic Year. Students may also choose to add an internship to the Global E3 experience. This depends greatly on which universities offer internship opportunities, and whether the university at which a student is placed has one available.
  3. STUDENT: Completes required additional forms (transcripts, etc.), and hands them in to the home campus advisor.
  4. HOME CAMPUS ADVISOR: Advises student in application process. Reviews and approves student application.
  5. HOME CAMPUS ADVISOR: Forwards completed and approved student application to the Institute of International Education (IIE).
  6. IIE: Reviews application, along with all student applications from Global E3 member universities, and determines potential host placements overseas.
  7. IIE: Forwards student file to potential host for review.
  8. POTENTIAL OVERSEAS HOST CAMPUS: Reviews student file and required courses, and either agrees to accept the student or determines that the student is not a good fit.
  9. POTENTIAL OVERSEAS HOST CAMPUS: If student is accepted, the potential host transmits message back to IIE, who sends message to Home Campus Advisor and the student.
  10. HOME CAMPUS ADVISOR: Advises student on placement decision.
  11. STUDENT: Accepts or declines placement offer.
  12. OVERSEAS HOST CAMPUS: If student accepts placement, the host coordinates directly with student to finalize paperwork.
  13. STUDENT: In direct contact with host.

While this process seems long, it can take as little as two-three weeks.

Participation in Global E3 is a benefit provided to many students in the United States, and around the world. Global E3 has member universities in Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

For U.S. Students

You are eligible if you:

  1. Are currently enrolled at one of the participating U.S. universities.
  2. Are currently studying engineering, or show demonstrated commitment to the field.
  3. Have been approved to submit an application, which is then forwarded to IIE by your home campus Global E3 advisor.
  4. Qualify to attend one of the participating international universities (e.g., your field of study is supported at the host institutions).

For Students from outside the U.S.

You are eligible if you:

  1. Are currently enrolled at one of the participating international universities.
  2. Are currently studying engineering, or show demonstrated commitment to the field.
  3. Have been approved to submit an application by your home university to IIE.
  4. Qualify to attend one of the participating U.S. universities (e.g., your field of study is supported at the host institutions).

Below, you will find detailed instructions on applying to the Global E³  program through the online application system.

Learn About Your Options

Make sure to talk to your home institution's study abroad advisor to discuss the best options for studying abroad.

You can also use the online application website to learn about possible hosts outside your country. To find out about participating universities, use the section "Participating Universities" to explore your options. Please keep in mind your field and the fields of engineering that these schools support.

Note: While you may prefer to be placed at an individual university abroad, the administrative agency, IIE, cannot guarantee that you will be placed where you desire.

Select Your Program

There are different types of "Programs" that you can apply for, based on the country where your home university is located, and which country you are applying to go to.

Create Your Account

After you select your program according to the above guidelines, click on "Apply Now".

The system will ask you to confirm that you owuld like to create an application to the Global E³ Program. Click "OK".

The system will then ask if you received login information via email. If you have never used the Global E³ online application system before, click "No" and submit.

Create your account by entering basic information about yourself.

Note : Your email address will become your login username. 

Beginning Your Application

After creating your account, you will receive an email with your username. When logging-in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password.

Click on "View Programs" to create an application. Select the program that you intend to apply for according to the requirements explained previously. Click "Apply Now".

You will then select the "Term" to apply for. For the Fall and Academic Year application cycle, there is only one term available: Fall / Academic Year 20XX. You will later be asked in the application to indicate the number of semesters of study.

Complete the section labeled "Applicant Parameters", and submit.

Completing Your Application

After completing "applicant parameters", you will arrive at the "Program Application Page". There are 4 sections on the right-hand side.

  1. Home Campus Submission Verifications - Your advisor will confirm receiving materials that need to be included with your application. Most of these materials can be submitted electronically, though the original paper copy should be confirmed by your advisor.
  2. Application Sections - The most important part of your application. You should complete all the sections. Section "E" allows you to upload electronic versions of the materials that are required to be with your application. Be sure you complete all application sections by clicking "Save & Submit".
  3. Recommendations - You can request an electronic recommendation or have one submitted via email or in hard-copy to your home campus advisor.
  4. Signature Documents - This should be done last, after completing the rest of the application! You will confirm that your entire application is accurate, and that you are the person whose name is on the application.

Processing and Waiting

After your application is complete, and everything has been submitted, you will need to inform your advisor, who will review and approve your application, and then forward it IIE. It is your responsibility to inform your advisor that you have completed your application, and it is ready for his/her review. At this point, you will no longer have access to your application profile. If you believe you need to make any changes, please inform your advisor.

The application will be reviewed by IIE and offered to an appropriate host institution.

Due to the volume of applications and the number of slots available at every school, not all students can always be placed, and most cannot be placed at a preferred university. However, all students will be placed at institutions that IIE has determined are good fits based on field of study and desired work.

It can take up to 8 weeks after the application system is closed to place you. If you are unsure of your status, check with your home institution advisor.

Acceptance and Paperwork

If you are accepted by a host university, you will receive an email IIE and/or your home institution advisor informing you of your acceptance. (In some cases, the host institution will also contact you and/or your advisor directly.) Please log in to your Global E³ application to view the decision letter and follow the instructions to accept or decline the placement offer.

You may need to complete paperwork to finalize your placement there. Be sure to complete these in a timely manner, and ensure that your home institution advisor is aware of your communications with the host university. If you need to change your plans for any reason, be sure to inform your home institution advisor.

Spring Semester

All applications are due no later than October 3, 2016.

On-campus deadlines for students will be earlier. Please check with your advisor regarding your campus deadline.

Fall Semester/Academic Year

All applications are due no later than March 1, 2017.

On-campus deadlines for students will be earlier. Please check with your advisor regarding your campus deadline.

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