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SOTM-June2014-Arabela"In this program, I have had the honor of working with prominent scientists whom I never imagined meeting in my life. Moreover, my words would not be enough to thank the Brazilian government and IIE for having belief in me and giving me this opportunity to improve my knowledge through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. I cannot wait to go back to Brazil and implement the knowledge that I have accumulated from this program as soon as I complete the summer research. We all have a lot to learn around the world, and this program is one of the first steps to propel my career to improve the world!"

Arabela Guedes De Azevedo Viana, Universidade Federal De Lavras, Brazil, June 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-May2014-AnaKarla"How will the World Cup impact Brazil? The World Cup will impact Brazil in a positive way. This is the best time to express our culture to the world and also Brazilians will get to know other cultures without having to travel. Having tourists from everywhere, even from within Brazil will help Brazilian economy and local commerce grow, making us more stable. Brazilian government has been working hard to improve the cities that will receive tourists and after they leave, the improvements will be there for the Brazilians." 

Ana Karla Neiva Magno, Universidade De Fortaleza, Brazil, May 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-April2014-Josana"Why did I choose to study medicine? Well, before I actually started to study medicine, I thought that I knew... Treating people, providing them with cures for diseases, relieving their suffering and being happy for making a difference in someone’s life and for their family—these are all true reasons. However, during my academic life, I discovered that medicine is more than that, and now I have new reasons to explain why I want to do it for the rest of my life."

Josana de Moraes Coelho, Universidade Federal Do Piaui, Brazil, April 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-April2014-Ronaldo"I always wished to study agronomy. Growing up in a farm allowed me to see what I consider to be one of the most impressive processes, the transformation of natural resources such as soil content, water, plants and sun light into our food. Growing up in a very simple farm allowed me to experience some of the difficulties that are related to agricultural production in my region.  More than this, farming helped me to realize how small changes could improve our production significantly." 

Ronaldo Silva Gomes, Federal University of Maranhao, Brazil, April 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-April2014-Julia"One of the things I like the most in the science of Chemistry is studying new materials and their possible applications. I can change the properties of a species, improving its strength and studying its compatibility in biological systems for future applications in medicine and electronics. I can synthesize new materials, which are ecofriendly and biodegradable, finding new applications for what is considered waste. All these characteristics make Chemistry more attractive, also exciting, for anyone who thinks about making a difference in a scientific innovation area."

Julia Seixas Moraes, Universidade Federal Da Bahia, Brazil, April 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-March2014-Mayara"I'm a student in Agricultural Engineering student and, this semester, I chose 'Nursery and Floriculture Crop Production' at the University of Kentucky. In this class I have been learning a lot of things about greenhouse production in U.S. I’m the only international student in this class, and it gives me the chance to interact even more with Americans. Every student in this class is responsible for one crop, and mine is the Petunia (Variety: Surfinia). It’s a commercially important flower in US. I love them. At this point they have been growing for 3 weeks." 

Mayara de Souza Silva, Universidade Federal do Vale do Sao Francisco, Brazil, March 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-March2014-Ana-Carla"My favorite class this semester is Polymers and Materials, in which I am learning a lot about polymers’ structures, properties, applications and all the science behind this material. The professor, Dr. Narayan, provides us with his notes of the material, which makes our study hours much more successful and efficient. Dr. Narayan is giving me the opportunity to work in his lab this summer. It is a research in “New generation polymers” and the setting of his lab is just astonishing! He is an entrepreneur and very distinguished professor at MSU. Given his level of expertise and professionalism, I am super excited and privileged to work in his presence and can’t wait to start my internship."

Ana Carla Almeida Goncalves, Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, Brazil, March 2014 Student of the Month.

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