Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project
IIE and the Ibrahim Project

The Institute of International Education worked with the Ibrahim Family Foundation to create the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project, and managed the project until 2012. From the program’s inception in 2009 through 2012, 26 undergraduate students participated. You can learn about their experiences here. 

As of 2013, the program is being managed by Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

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2010 Project

Watch students prepare to embark on the 2010 trip.

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Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project 2012

Six students traveled to Washington, DC, Oman, the UAE, and Israel in June 2012 to take part in the activities of the 2012 Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project.

We invite you to explore the students' experiences through the photos and blogs from their trip.

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Where does the program take place?

Following an orientation session in Washington, DC, students travel to three Middle Eastern countries to meet with leaders and organizations who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to promoting tolerance and mutual understanding in the region. In addition to IIE program staff, students are accompanied by distinguished academics who act as Faculty Advisors. These Advisors provide lectures and detailed commentary on issues relating to the region.

The group also explores renowned sites of historical and religious significance. Through deeper understanding of the countries and cultures of the Middle East, the students develop global leadership skills to support the foundation of a more peaceful and prosperous shared future.

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What are the program objectives?

The objectives of the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project in the Middle East are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for high-achieving U.S. university students with strong leadership potential to gain first-hand experience in the Middle East;
  • Facilitate engagement with organizations and leaders in the Middle East working to overcome religious, cultural, ethnic, and political prejudice and hostility in the region;
  • Inspire respectful dialogue as a tool for building mutual understanding between people of different faiths and backgrounds; and
  • Foster a deeper understanding of the countries and cultures of the Middle East through dialogue and personal interaction.

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Participant Stories
  • Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project 2012 - Dillon Shoemaker

    "This program has truly opened my eyes to the wider world."

  • Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project 2012 - Talene Bilazarian

    "My life’s work will incorporate...working to shape a more accurate discourse about Islam and the Middle East"

  • Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project 2012 - Jake Meiner

    "This experience has lit a spark within me – a passion for the Middle East, for cultural understanding, and for mutual respect."

  • Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project 2012 - Shereen Shafi

    "This has been...an opportunity that will shape not only our minds but also our futures."


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