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Join the Conversation: “What will it take to Double Study Abroad?”

By: IIE on Friday, August 22, 2014

The following blog entries comprise the 11 Big Ideas from the IIE Green paper, “What will it take to Double Study Abroad?” We invite you to add to the discussion by commenting on one or more of the 11 blog entries in this series.

As the first step in bringing stakeholders from different sectors together to achieve large-scale change, IIE convened a one-day Think Tank on March 12 on what it will take to double study abroad, gathering invited leaders from the public, private, and educational sectors at its New York headquarters. The Green Paper documents the outcomes of that discussion.

In September 2014, the editors will review your contributions and incorporate relevant points into the final White Paper. Meanwhile, feel free to read and respond to each other’s comments on the blog.

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  • Stephanie Cullers said:
    5/22/2014 7:03 PM

    Consider adding shorter term study abroad programs for those unable to be away for traditional programs, including accommodations for students with families like helping find flats to rent, and including more options for graduate students. Also, I suspect one of the largest barriers is funding. Make funding resources available.

  • Catherine Spaeth said:
    5/30/2014 1:54 PM

    These are all great ideas, and I applaud IIE's efforts to encourage more study abroad. However, why is curriculum integration not one of the big ideas? I believe that the key to more students studying abroad is academic departments and faculty embracing and integrating study abroad as part of a student's major or academic program. At least at my institution, curriculum integration work is incredibly slow and painstaking work. Additional funding for study abroad is clearly needed, but more marketing and branding campaigns seem to me to be work-arounds for a failure to integrate study abroad into on-campus degree programs.

  • Linda Beck said:
    7/21/2014 9:11 AM

    I think it is great that IIE is targeting assistance to urban students to insure their ability to study abroad. But don't ignore rural students who have similar financial constraints. Another program for this group of students would be ideal.

  • Kevin Book-Satterlee said:
    8/26/2014 11:24 AM

    I just completed reading the GSA green paper and had two basic suggestions for branding that were likely discussed, but not mentioned in the paper.

    First, is to push for honor programs where the academics are clearly respectable and competitive to enter. This will hopefully attract students who find study abroad to be nothing but fun and fluff. Also, it will hopefully put some academic standards to non-honor programs to improve and increase their own stringent reputation.

    Second, advocacy on college and university campuses ought to strongly include career counselors and academic advisers for majors. They should have access to resources for every type of career and perhaps even a ranked-order program acceptable from the institution to recommend the student to. They should also be made aware as to the global competencies necessary for specific industries and the best practices for study abroad to gain those competencies. For example a STEM student may be best served working internationally in a science or engineering lab at an international research university or global company, where as a community health major would be best served working with an outreach clinic of a university. An international business major may be better served with international internships with a couple of online courses and an language student should likely live with a local family.

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